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Image: Jack Walls – The Bright Future Group Show

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Basilica Hudson is proud to present our 2017 thematic Back Gallery artist in residency program, which explores the location as muse. Creating the work in Hudson and at Basilica suggests that the eclectic present and past of this river city is central to inspiration.

Back Gallery Openings are a culmination of artist(s) spending some time in the space, experiencing the place and then opening it up to the public.

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Sunday, September 17 | From 11AM

What’s Up En Cuba?

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A multi-disciplinary group show by some of Cuba’s brightest young artists in Basilica Back Gallery.

Thursday, August 24 | From 6PM

Haley Josephs

Image: Haley Josephs

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Painter Haley Josephs explores the mysteriousness of the Catskill mountains and the surrounding Hudson Valley within the realm of feminine sensuality.

Thursday, August 3 | From 6PM

Alon Koppel’s Make Art (Great) Again

Image: Alon Koppel

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Catskill-based artist Alon Koppel explores notions of truth and fiction in the current political landscape and in photography with an exhibition which touches on various aspects of the aftermath of the 2016 election.

Monday, July 3 | From 4PM

David Aron, Simeon Amstutz, Elbert Perez, Becca Van K, Louise Smith, Martin Katzoff, Jack Walls: The Bright Future Group Show

Image: Louise Smith

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In these dark times the only refuge seems to be in art, for these are very dark times indeed. THE BRIGHT FUTURE GROUP SHOW is a group of younger and older artists brought together by Melissa Auf der Maur. Yes, the title of the show is somewhat sardonic. The younger artists in the show all have studied art and are attending or have graduated from various art schools. The older artists, David Aron and Jack Walls are longtime veterans of the Downtown New York art scene. The coming together of this diverse and talented group of seven artists is a sign of hope not subscribing to any politics, but can be viewed as a political statement with a dash of irony.

Saturday, June 10 | From 6PM

Jim Krewson’s Local Character

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Catskill-based painter Jim Krewson was our May Basilica Back Gallery Artist-in-Residence. Jim spent a month in the gallery painting portraits of Hudsonites from various walks of life.

Jim Krewson has been producing video art, oil portraits, chocolate and vanilla cakes graphically depicting sexual acts, airbrush paintings of nude celebrities and lewd online personal ads, films of stuffed animal Taco Bell employees, screaming, fit-throwing sculptures and Old Time banjo songs for the better part of 20 years. His work has appeared in periodicals such as Time Out New York, The New York Times, The New York Press, The Wall Street Journal, Vice, Barracuda and Swank. His artwork can be seen as props on Saturday Night Live, and the films Mrs. Doubtfire, So I Married an Ax Murderer, and the upcoming Get Shorty 2.

The exhibition continues Basilica Hudson’s 2017 thematic Back Gallery program, which explores Hudson and the eclectic present and past of the river city as a central theme. More news about the full 2017 Back Gallery program will follow in the coming weeks.

Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9 | 12 – 5PM  

Tristan Schipa: Wet Wood

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“What would taking seriously the Chinese adage that the Cosmos is composed of two basic things — water and money — look like?  Monday showers?  To that effect I’ve set out to erect — after the fashion of Egypt — an image, a decor, a whole series if you will, of accidents mounting on top of another — rain, rain, rain.”

Saturday, April 15 | 6 – 8PM 

Sonia Corinna, Bahar Baharloo, Ethan Barnett, Annie Bielski, Chelsea Cater, Shaneika McIntosh, Carla Perez Gallardo, Elbert Perez: Tragic Instant

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Tragic Instant
Looking back on The Tragic Instant, it is a moment that catalyzed rage, heartbreak and despair. It is the pinpoint remembering the breath of invitation for more insidious negativity like boredom and the slow damping of a spirit. The intensity of such moments fade over time, but remembering the instant that a change is ushered in has an undeniably weird intensity of it’s own.  Sonia Corinna, brings together seven artists (and friends) to converse multi-disciplinary works that explore the strange urgency of instants. The exhibit, performance, dinner and artist talk present many opportunities for dialog.

A Seat at the Table is an interfaith, intersectional, non secular Passover Seder / Easter Dinner / Persian New Year Celebration. A festive and delicious Seder-style conversation about the history of Oppression in America and the many forms it takes. This evening is a practice in coming together as a community and as many communities to combat oppression, eat and honor our ancestors.

Sponsor: Calmbucha®, a local Hudson Valley kombucha company, is proud to pour their healing beverage at the opening reception of Tragic Instant.