Spring Basilica’s Back Gallery features the talent of local artists and Hudson-As-Muse, taking a page from Sonia Ruscoe and Elbert Perez’s Hudson Alt-Herstory Hudson Alt-Herstory  from last fall. Tristan Schipa’s local landscape-focused visual arts project, Wet Wood, started us off in March. In April we welcomed back Sonia Ruscoe as curator with Tragic Instant, a survey of local artists presented by Instar Lodge. This month we welcome painter Jim Krewson with Local Character, his Hudsonite portrait series, which will open in tandem with our annual (FREAK) FLAG DAY festivities on Saturday, June 10 at 7pm.


Catskill-based painter Jim Krewson is our May Basilica Back Gallery Artist-in-Residence. Continuing our 2017 AiR program comprised of hyper-local artists employing Hudson-As-Muse, Jim is working for the next month painting portraits of Hudsonites from various walks of life.

Jim’s residency will culminate in a Back Gallery exhibition called Local Character on the evening of Saturday, June 10 in tandem with our annual (FREAK) FLAG DAY celebration, on view on the Back Gallery all night long.


Wet Wood
A show by Basilica Hudson March Artist in Residence Tristan Schipa
Exhibition viewing hours: 12pm – 5pm Saturday April  8 / 12pm – 5pm Sunday April 9

“What would taking seriously the Chinese adage that the Cosmos is composed of two basic things — water and money — look like?  Monday showers?  To that effect I’ve set out to erect — after the fashion of Egypt — an image, a decor, a whole series if you will, of accidents mounting on top of another — rain, rain, rain.”

Tragic Instant
Curated by Sonia Corinna
presented by Instar Lodge
Exhibition opening: Saturday, April 15 @ 6 – 8pm
A Seat at the Table / Seder-style dinner and conversation: Wednesday, April 19 @ 7pm (Free with RSVP required)
Closing Conversation: Sunday, April 23 @ 4pm

Tragic Instant
Looking back on The Tragic Instant, it is a moment that catalyzed rage, heartbreak and despair. It is the pinpoint remembering the breath of invitation for more insidious negativity like boredom and the slow damping of a spirit. The intensity of such moments fade over time, but remembering the instant that a change is ushered in has an undeniably weird intensity of it’s own.  Sonia Corinna, brings together seven artists (and friends) to converse multi-disciplinary works that explore the strange urgency of instants. The exhibit, performance, dinner and artist talk present many opportunities for dialog.

A Seat at the Table is an interfaith, intersectional, non secular Passover Seder / Easter Dinner / Persian New Year Celebration. A festive and delicious Seder-style conversation about the history of Oppression in America and the many forms it takes. This evening is a practice in coming together as a community and as many communities to combat oppression, eat and honor our ancestors.This event is open to the public, but reservations are required.  Reserve your spot at www.instarlodge.com.

Elbert Perez
Shanekia McIntosh
Chelsea Cater
Annie Bielski
Carla Perez Gallardo
Ethan Barnett
Bahar Baharloo

Sponsor: Calmbucha®, a local Hudson Valley kombucha company, is proud to pour their healing beverage at the opening reception of Tragic Instant.