As breathtaking as our building and its surroundings are in their own right, we are constantly trying to improve the view. We are fortunate to collaborate with amazing artists and curators, some from down the street and some from across the globe, to produce installations, publications, and performances reaffirming the importance of art in generating discourse and building communities.

We are honored to have worked with talented and imaginative individuals as Matthew Barney, Jonah Bokaer, Olga Dekalo, Sam Falls, Zach Feuer, James Fuentes, Laetitia Hussain, Anthony McCall, Becca Mann, Aily Nash, Kris Perry, Mike Renault, Sterling Ruby, James Michael Shaeffer, Jr., and Nina Winthrop.

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Basilica Hudson’s programs have been supported in part by New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA).

Second Ward Foundation

Photo of ECLIPSE performance, 2014.