Basilica Hudson is deeply grateful to the many supporters whose generous gifts provide vital resources for its arts and community programs.

Listed below are those donors whose gifts of $100 or more, inclusive of gifts of in-kind goods or services, made possible the success of our 2013 – 2015 seasons. Thank you!

Green Mountain Energy
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Sterling Ruby

Serra Butash
Paul Cassidy & Vernon Evenson
Barbara Ettinger & Sven Huseby
Linda Gaboriau
Christabel Gough
Leg Up! Management
The Media Arts Assistance Fund
New England Foundation for the Arts
Pitchfork Media
Sam Pratt
Show No Mercy

Amazon Literary Partnership
Erica A Beeney & Rupert Alexander P Wyatt
Mark Bero & Carrie Waldman
Cinema Conservancy
Columbia County Council on the Arts
Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley
Cooper Spirits
Etsy Hudson
Sam Falls
The Film Desk
Sarah Flicker
Wesley Golby & Kim Bucci
Rachel Goldman & Sam Sabloff
Ronald Hancock
Hannah Hoffman Gallery
The Inn at Hudson
Steven Johnson & Walter Sudol
Roy Kim & Clayton Crawley
Jemima Kirke
Kite’s Nest / Alimentary Kitchen
Andrew & Marla Lance
Le Guess Who?
Natasha Lyonne
Carol McCranie & Javier Magri
Nina Matis
The Milling-Smith Family
Moyra Mulholland
New York States of Mind
Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman
Tricia & Foster Reed
Retrospective Gallery
Norman Roy
Second Ward Foundation
Rick Serafini & William Robertson
Smuggler, Inc.
Thendara Foundation

Akemi & Paolo – DRONE Donors
All Over Albany
Bill & Sonia – DRONE Donors
Jeff Bailey & John Lillis
The Bank of Greene County
Annick de Bellefeuille & Rhodes Adler
Columbia County Tourism
Didi Barrett
Michael Bartolone
Peter Bevacqua
Matthew Bilich
Boyce A Billingsley
Mary E. Brian
Frances Calder
Camphill Ghent
Kathleen Cantwell
Cecil Castellucci
Vincent Castellucci
Columbia County Tourism
Marianne Courville, Hudson Wine Merchants
F. James Cummings
Tony D’Amico
Peter Davis
Lynn Davis & Rudy Wurlitzer
Peter Davis – DRONE Donor
Guillaume de Fontenay
Paul de Marchin, de Marchin Boutique
Thomas DePietro
Tambra Dillon
Down in the Valley
Lisa Farjam
Ephraim Fields
Noah Fischel & James Cummings
Ben Folds
Thomas Froese
Wes Golby
Alex Goodman
Barbara Grossbaum
Barbara Hancock
Reyhan Harmanci
Sophie Henderson
Amanda J. Henry
Dorothy Heyl & Thomas DePietro
Michael Hoch & Katharine Daugherty
Randy J. and Kelsey T. Hunt
Marget Innerhofer
Rebeccah & Dana Johnson
Galen Joseph-Hunter & Tom Roe
Asher  & Jamie Israelow, Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
Rainer Judd
Peter Jung
JV8 Inc.
Alden Kaplan
Karp, Ackerman, Skabowski & Hogan
Justinian Kfoury
Ron Kimberling
Valerie Knecht
Jeffrey Kiplinger – DRONE Donor
Chrysoula Kotoulas
Nick Kotoulas
Sotirios Kotoulas
Dini Lamont & Windle Davis
Peggy Lampan
Nathan Larson – DRONE Donor
Serge Le Borgne
Jeffrey Lependorf
Lili & Loo
Rivertown Lodge
The Lumberyard
The Maker
Deborah Masters
LM Maurer
Mark McDonald & Dwayne Resnick
Nicole Meadors Keegan
Catherine Mikic
Murray Miller
Modern Farmer
Karline Moeller
Stacy Morrison
Brian Mullinix
Siena Oristaglio
Alfred Padilla
Set Editions
Vita Rabinovich
Seth Rapport
Michael Rawson
Rick Rector
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Viktor Repaczky
Elaina Richardson
Adam Rolston & Martin McElhiney
Marianne Schmidt & Tristan
Catherine Shannon
Simmonds / Rhyne Family – DRONE Donor
Melinda Slover
Camila Smith
Third Side Music
Colin Stair
Charlie Suisman
Tom Swope – DRONE Donor
Michael Tortorici
Liv Tyler
Valley Mortgage
Jennifer Venditti
Nicole Vidor
Charles Waldman
Richard Warren – DRONE Donor
Kaya Weidman
Clark Wieman
Cornelia T. Winthrop
WM Farmer & Sons
Ernest Wurzbach
Erica Wyatt

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