In an effort to continue to keep ticket prices low and accessible for all for 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC, our season opening event this April 29-30, we are seeking support from people like you!

DRONER DONORS will help support 24 acts and roughly 100+ individual artists who participate in this immersive, communal endurance event. 24-HOUR DRONE is a shared experience for participants and audience alike, and it needs to grow to continue to touch new hearts + ears.

Artists participating in 24-HOUR DRONE are paid a modest honorarium, choosing heart + spirit over monetary gain — solely because they believe in this program.  We strive to serve artists within our limited resources, and it’s amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish together thus far. Consider making a tax-deductible donation to support an artist, and help ensure 24-HOUR DRONE persists!

Donations of any amount help, of course, or underwrite a larger chunk of the program — see below…

$100 – Underwrite an Hour (includes 1 ticket to 24-HOUR DRONE and a free coffee!)

$250 – Underwrite an artist performance  (includes 2 tickets to 24-HOUR DRONE,  a free DRONE SURVIVAL KIT and lots of coffee!)

$500 – Underwrite an ensemble’s performance (includes all of the above, plus a limited edition 24-HOUR DRONE poster designed by AJ Annunziata!)

At all three levels, we’ll also include your name in the DRONER DONOR acknowledgements.
To donate specifically to this DRONE campaign, please fill in “DRONE” for the “Purpose” using the donation form at the bottom of this page. Donations to support DRONE are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. The tax deductible amounts for the donation levels described above are $73, $139, and $369 respectively.

Please consider making a donation!