“It was profound, gorgeous, elegant and magical. We’ll be back for the duration next year.”

Maureen Sager, first time DRONER

DRONERS joined us from Russia to Hong Kong and from Hudson to Saratoga for our fourth annual 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC, with most making the commitment to the full 24-hour long-form experience. Aided and sustained by healing food, the restorative reiki and meditative art and craft, DRONERS experienced a spectrum of sound from traditional Indonesian classical to inclusive and participatory acapella choral. With exchange and communion at its core, 2018’s 24-HOUR DRONE was everything we could have hoped for, a buoyant, transformative homage to sound, enjoyed and honored without the tight hands of time.

Explore. Experiment. Exchange.

“The 24h DRONE is the sonic equivalent of an ayahuasca ceremony. A journey into the deeper recesses of the psyche using sound as the catalyst. Flowing with the natural cycle of day > sunset > night > sunrise one is led into a condensed experience that gently eases you in, before plunging you into a whirlwind storm oscillating between desolate nightmare and blissful epiphany only to come out reborn under -suitably- the chanted sunrise song of the Shaman. The Basilica is magnificent – even majestic- in its post-industrial conversion and Hudson is full of rust laden Americana charm.”

Mark Wagner SON OF THE SUN


The participation of a complex tapestry of sound is at the heart of the 24-HOUR DRONE experience. At every 24-HOUR DRONE, Basilica invites artists to participate in the ritual via an open call artist submission period.

In 2018, we received 133 applications, more than ever and enough to fill over 100 hours with DRONE! Basilica is grateful to every artist who took the time to send DRONES, and for helping keep the dream of DRONE alive and loud! The final call was made based on weaving together the flow of a diverse journey between textures, tones, dark and light hours and more. UNITY IN DRONE!

The artists selected as part of this year’s open call submission were Drab, Arranged Marriage NP, Paul, Bergsonist, The Less Effectives, Max Hamel, WYTXHDES DRYYNXSE, Sympathy for Astronauts, Cicada Dream and Kite.


Outside of the long-form sonic immersion, 24-HOUR DRONE was colored and rejuvenated by a host of visual artists, performers and makers. Hudson-based artist, weaver, and educator Margot Becker undertook a meditation on ancient industry, time-keeping, and bodily stamina with a 24-hour weave, calling on ritual and patience to create a record of time and space in the form of cloth. Margot’s pieces produced during this time are available to purchase here.

Tattoo artist and illustrator Dylan Kraus returned to 24-HOUR DRONE to embark on a similarly long-form, immersive practice, sharing space with Margot to provide hand-poked tattoos to DRONERS.

Multimedia artist Rebecca Borrer and inventor/artist Corey Bauer created custom visuals across the DRONE space.

Basilica’s long-time collaborator Elise McMahon of LikeMindedObjects brought life to the factory, both in her design of lounge zones and the provision of her artist loungers, which were made in collaboration with twenty artists from across the country: Alison Kizu Blair, Andrea Bergart, Annie Bielski, Barf Queen, Christin Ripley, Clay Hickson, Constance Tenvik, Cynthia Chang, Enky Bayar, Francesca Capone, Gretta Johnson, Isabel Wilson, Jordan Johnson, Lil Deb’s Oasis, Mary Eleanor Wallace, Naomi Clark, Nathan Gwynne, Rachel Howe, Sarah Zapata and Wilder Alison. The canvas sling pieces were sewn in Hudson, NY & shipped all over the country & abroad, worked on & returned via mail.

Elise was also the brains behind the one-stop Basilica Shop. Local artists and makers including Christin Ripley, Christina Bolt, Laleh Khorramian, Good Fight Herb Co, ENKYU, Kat Hunt, Jack Rabbit Studios and LikeMindedObjects provided local, handmade, one-of-a-kind healing treasures through the full 24-HOURS.


A wide and varied range of local friends joined us in DRONE to provide 24-hour nourishment to DRONERS, from the light and bright lunch, dinner and brunch of Basilica chef-in-residence Nicole LoBue, to the reviving morning juices of Tin Can Juicery. Hudson meeting place and coffee shop REV supplied cold brew, Ghent’s Love Apple Farm supplied this year’s DRONUTS and Taste of India supplied a midnight Indian feast.

24-HOUR DRONE by Richard Lovrich for The Alt, Hudson Boys Club by Julia Drummond, Pipers From The Capital Region Pipe Band by Tomm Roeschlein, Kite by Julia Drummond, Drab by Julia Drummond, Gamelan Kusuma Laras by Julia Drummond, Triform Camphill Community Bell Choir by Julia Drummond, Mark Wagner SON OF THE SUN by Julia Drummond, Dronechoir Syllaba by Tomm Roeschlein, Julia Kent by Julia Drummond, 24-HOUR DRONE by Julia Drummond, Dylan Kraus Pacing Tiger Tattoo by  by Tomm Roeschlein, LikeMindedObjects Artist Lounger by Julia Drummond, Margot Becker by Tomm Roeschlein, Rebecca Borrer by Julia Drummond, Basilica Shop by Tomm Roeschlein, Pamela from Teletextile Healing Arts by Tomm Roeschlein